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About Chiropractic

Your entire body is controlled by your nervous system. Whenever you move your muscles, blink your eyes, curl your toes, your nervous system is what controls these actions. When reading this sentence, your nervous system is letting you comprehend what you are reading.   Your nervous system starts from the brain and goes down your back by your spinal cord. The spinal cord has nerves that leave and goes to your body (Muscles, Heart, Stomach, etc) called spinal nerves. The spinal cord and spinal nerves are protected by your vertebrae. To the right is a chart which shows where each nerve goes in your body.   When a vertebra is not moving properly (a fixation), it puts pressure on the nerve. We call this a chiropractic subluxation. When there is pressure on a nerve, is keeps the nerve from functioning properly. When a nerve isn’t functioning properly, it keeps our internal organs from functioning properly. Our body has to tell us there is a problem and does it by giving us symptoms. The symptoms can be anything from pain, to a headache, to something going wrong with our internal organs.   A chiropractor finds subluxations, adjusts the bone freeing it from its fixation. This takes pressure off the nervous system and allows the nervous system to function at its full potential allowing you to achieve better health. We do not heal, we give the body the ability to heal by resetting the nervous system.

Why Chiropractic Takes Multiple Treatments

A lot of times, your body is used to your vertebra being in a specific position. Your body has compensated for it being there for possible months or even years! When we work with your spine, we are retraining your joints. It takes time to retrain that joint to where it can keep pressure off your nervous system.


  • Elizabeth R.

    Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable, caring, not afraid to think out of the box, & a excellent chiropractor. He will tailor a plan that will be specific to your needs to help aide your body in healing. I am very blessed to have Juniata Chiropractic helping me to feel better!
  • Ellen M.

    I am very happy with my experience at Juniata Chiropractic LLC. You and Dr. Josh will develop a plan that best suits your needs. My back is feeling better than ever and my flexibility is improving
  • Todd N.

    I got taken off my feet by a steer. Went to the E.R. and my doctor no relief for over a month had a hard time walking. Went to him and after 2 weeks I was doing great.