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What to Expect

Your First Visit

At Juniata Chiropractic, it is our goal to find and treat the underlying cause of a problem, not the symptoms.
During your very first visit,  Dr. McKinney will focus in on finding out if your a good candidate for Chiropractic care. Dr. McKinney will first listen to your case and follow up with a detailed exam which may include neurologic testing, muscle testing, biomechanical testing, and very likely X-Rays.
Dr. McKinney will then review his findings to figure out what is causing the issue that brought you to Juniata Chiropractic.  He will then determine how to correct this issue so you can go back to living a normal life. Every case is different, each patient is different, you are different. Our goal is to provide multiple techniques to achieve results, so you can go back to living your life. This is what separates our office from the rest.
Goals are important. We pride ourselves in achieving your goals, but we do not stop at just pain relief goals. Most patients ask for pain relief. Our goals go further such as driving to work without pain, the ability to play with your child/grandchild, waking up with energy, school work without a headache, the list goes on.
We offer different care plans based off of the severity of the underlying problem. Patients who show structural issues visible on X-Ray, it takes up to 90 days to make a physiological change. Pain relief is most often relieved in a few visits, however we put our focus on long term correction. Each care plan is determined separately depending on patient needs.

Our extensive care plans are separated into three phases of care.

During our First Phase of care, our first goal is to add motion to joints that are not moving properly. We call the joints that are not moving subluxated. These areas are found by testing each joint for motion as well as our X-Ray motion study. Chiropractic adjustments, or manipulations, add motion into areas that are not moving. Motion in your spinal joints is vital for proper function and health of the spine which is why we adjust during all three phases of care.  Between each vertebra, you have something called a disc. This disc is avascular, which means it does not receive direct blood supply. The disc however, gets blood supply naturally by motion. Without motion the disc does not get blood supply and starves. It is vital to add motion into these areas. Very often we find when a patient comes to our office with symptoms such as pain, discomfort, tingling, burning, numbness, we find degeneration of these discs.
Our second goal is to stop interference from your body’s communication system. Your nervous system controls everything in your body. When their is rotation in your vertebra due to the lack of motion (discussed above), it directly interferes with this communication system. Each level of your spine has a nerve that leaves and goes to different areas of your spine. When the vertebra are rotated, it takes away from the space the nerve has to leave the spine. This can directly or indirectly put pressure on the nerve causing the symptoms you have.
The Second Phase is to focus on retraining the joints to stay into motion. This is a rehabilitation phase focused on retraining the joints to keep proper motion while no longer interfering with the body’s communication system.  Overall motion of the spine, does not mean individual joint motion. With 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, and 5 lumbar vertebra in the spine each joint must move properly. Here, in this phase, we start to incorporate stretches and exercises for your specific needs to focus on long term correction.
Our Third Phase is to stabilize the joints, keeping interference from the nervous system for long term. Most patients are able to stabilize within the 3 month time frame and able to move to maintenance care. We will complete another motion study X-ray at the end of 3 months to see progress and create a maintenance plan.
We accept most insurances and offer everything in house. You do not need a referral to start chiropractic care. If you think chiropractic care could benefit you give us a call at 717 436 8281 and remember headaches, other aches, pains, are not normal.


  • Elizabeth R.

    Dr. Josh is very knowledgeable, caring, not afraid to think out of the box, & a excellent chiropractor. He will tailor a plan that will be specific to your needs to help aide your body in healing. I am very blessed to have Juniata Chiropractic helping me to feel better!
  • Ellen M.

    I am very happy with my experience at Juniata Chiropractic LLC. You and Dr. Josh will develop a plan that best suits your needs. My back is feeling better than ever and my flexibility is improving
  • Todd N.

    I got taken off my feet by a steer. Went to the E.R. and my doctor no relief for over a month had a hard time walking. Went to him and after 2 weeks I was doing great.